PASS Board elections coming up

September 14, 2015

It’s four years since I ran for election to the PASS Board now, for a two year term which ended two years ago.

The two other people that got elected when I did were Denise McInerney and Adam Jorgensen. Two years ago, Denise and Adam became the two Vice Presidents, and Adam is about to being a stint as President. For me, I didn’t run a second time. Two years ago, Jen Stirrup, Amy Lewis, and Tim Ford got elected when Rushabh Meta, Douglas McDowell, and I left the board.

And so we come around to election time again, and Jen, Amy, and Tim are all about to finish their first two years on the board. Amy is not re-running, but Jen and Tim are, along with two new candidates – Argenis Fernandez and Ryan Adams.

I’m excited, because PASS can’t lose here. The current board members seem to be doing an excellent job (although I didn’t get to serve alongside either Jen or Tim, I know them both well and am sure they’re doing great), but I also know that Argenis and Ryan will do great.

Argenis is a passionate guy who will stand for important things. I’ve had many conversations with him, and know him to be wise, caring, and dedicated to seeing good things happen. He raises money for charity, and is not afraid to put his reputation on the line for important things. He is one of my most excellent friends.

Ryan is also a great guy. He works hard for PASS, and has almost won the PASSion award for his dedication to the community. I haven’t had as many conversations with him as I have the other candidates, but I know that he will work tirelessly for the PASS community – that word ‘tireless’ seems to describe Ryan more than anyone else I can think of in the community, and I am a little jealous of his energy levels.

I can’t tell you who to vote for (except for Jen – as the only person running for the EMEA seat I expect everyone to vote for her), but do take the time to get to know the candidates and make your vote count – voting opens later this week.


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